Online Singing Lessons Can Help

You Don’t Need A Beautiful Voice To Be A Good Singer! Singing Lessons Can Help!

Everyone loves a good singer. A good singer can make or break a song, or help you feel emotions you weren’t expecting to feel. Of course, a bad singer can make you wish you had earplugs!

Most people enjoy singing, as well. Perhaps they don’t want to be professional singers, but they certainly enjoy belting out their favorite tunes. Others do want to be professional singers, or at the very least want to add singing to their performance toolkit. But being a good singer requires having a natural talent, right? At least a little?

Not at all!

Why Singing Is More Skill Than Talent

No one will deny that having a powerful voice is helpful when you want to sing. Having a beautiful sounding voice gives you a good foundation for being a great singer, and that’s just the truth. However, having a beautiful or powerful voice doesn’t make you a good singer by itself.  One of the best resources to be a better singer is an online you can learn more about – Singing Success 360 by Brett Manning review.

If you listen to most professional singers (at least the ones that haven’t been so auto-tuned that they sound like robots), you’ll notice that many of them don’t have naturally pretty voices. They certainly sound good when singing, but their voice is a bit scratchy, or squeaky, or high pitched, or what have you. Yet they sound great!

This is because singing lessons can help you make your voice sound different. Singing lessons teach you more than just how to hit a note (though that’s also an important thing to learn). They help you learn how to form your mouth, shaping it so that you have more control over the sound that comes out of it. Singing lessons help you learn how to work the muscles of your throat and your diaphragm in order to change the pitch and timbre of your voice. In addition, singing lessons will teach you how to say or sing specific words and sounds.

For example, make the sound “ah”. How does it sound to you? Now try to widen your throat and make the same noise. Does it sound different? It should! The way you work your mouth and throat muscles can have a huge impact on the exact sound you make. This is how having proper singing lessons can help you sound great even if you don’t have a naturally beautiful voice!

Singing Is More Than Sound

The other thing to remember is that being a good singer is about more than just being able to make pretty sounds. It’s even about more than just hitting the proper notes! Being a good singer is about those things, but also about being able to control the speed and precision of the sounds you make.

If you ever said tongue twisters as a child (or as an adult for that matter), then you’re already familiar with how easily things can go wrong when you lose the ability to enunciate. She sells seashells by the seashore is a classic one, and if your tongue got tripped up as you tried to say it then you’ve already figured out how important enunciation and precision is to good singing.

It doesn’t end there, however. In many cases, a singer will have to hit a rapid series of notes while they’re attempting to say words quickly. Imagine if each syllable of the tongue twister you tried saying a few moments ago was a different high or low note, and you’ll touch the surface of how difficult being a good singer can be.

Difficult, but not impossible. As you no doubt realize by now, being a good singer is about more than just making pretty notes and having a beautiful voice. It’s about having the skill to create the notes you need and the precision to ensure you hit the right note every time. So if you’ve ever wanted to take singing lessons but have been worried that you don’t have a pretty voice, don’t worry! That’s the entire reason singing lessons exist!

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